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Float Therapy near St. Louis, MO

Floating – The Deepest Level of Rest and Relaxation You Can Attain

Welcome to Float Center Shiloh, where relaxation and rest are attainable.

There are four private suites, each with a dressing area and shower area ready with towels, shower supplies and Vitamin C infused water. The float rooms are insulated against sound so that the outside noise can not reach you.

Each float room has LED lighting that can be set by your color choice and for those that want to float in the darkness, the power buttons are located inside of the tank so that you may turn the lights on and off.

With built in speakers music is used to announce when to prepare for your float, when to exit the float tank, and music or meditation series can be played during your float session.

Four people may schedule at the same time for their own float suite.

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